My Reading List

Here is a collection of fun reads and interesting thoughts that I accumulate. The content can range from short and long reads to novels and reference books. The opinions here are my own thoughts and a way to share what I am currently reading. The provided is just a recent list of books but you can view the complete list here


The DevOps Handbook, Gene Kim and Others

Kim's DevOps Handbook presents itself as a solid guide to get a comprehensive understanding of the state of DevOps. The book presents itself as a wide variety of topics with real case studies baked into each chapter. While it doesn't get into the specifics, it builds a great overall understanding and allows the reader to gain an understanding of the landscape of devops.

The Creative Act: A Way Of Being, Rick Rubin

Taking a break from technical related topics, Rick Rubin's "The Creative Act" presents itself as a different view of the world around us. Much of the book revolves around how we can discover the creativity around and within us. A significantly different perspective, but will defenitely leave you thinking about things in a different angle.

Longform Reads

Alone at the Edge of the World, Cassidy Randall

Captivating read from beginning to end. Tells about the tale of Susie Goodall sailing around the world in a "small red-hulled sailboat." Around a 30 minute read but worth every minute.