My Reading List

Here is a collection of fun reads and interesting thoughts that I accumulate. The content can range from short and long reads to novels and reference books. The opinions here are my own thoughts and a way to share what I am currently reading. The provided is just a recent list of books but you can view the complete list here

Technical Reads

Building Microservices, Sam Newman

Thought this was a really good (albeit short) book on the basics of building microservice applications. The book covered alot of relevant topics related to scoping, designing, deploying these microservices and also covers some of the "people capital" when scoping projects. Overall a nice read that doesn't get too heavily technical and "into the weeds"

Robust Python, Patrick Viafore

The title "Robust Python" is as descriptive as it gets. The book dives into multiple techniques to make Python much "stronger" while also coding defensively. Parts II and III start discussing user-defined types and some of the nuances surrounding those concepts. In addition to that, it covers topics in OOP in Python as well. Finally, in section IV of the book, Viafore discusses testing strategies such as Test Driven Development (TDD) and introduces concepts such as the testing pyramid and different testing methodologies.

Longform Reads

Alone at the Edge of the World, Cassidy Randall

Captivating read from beginning to end. Tells about the tale of Susie Goodall sailing around the world in a "small red-hulled sailboat." Around a 30 minute read but worth every minute.