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David An ✍🏻 - I recently graduated with a degree in Mathematics at the University of Illinois and also currently work as a software engineer! I have past experience in creating material directed towards undergraduate recruiting and early stage careers. I am passionate about online branding, creating communities around different ideas and digital storytelling.

Recruiting Resources

Before an interview, I usually read past interview experiences on Glassdoor, Reddit, and Blind to get an understanding what to expect beforehand. Also, there’s some Youtubers that talk about their recruiting processes for [X] role at [X] company that I found valuable

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Product Management Interview Prep

Understanding what the field is about

Being in the product mindset

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People to follow on Linkedin 🗣️

follow campus recruiters and program managers in companies you’re interested in as they usually post when they’re hiring + good opportunity to reach out to those folks

On your linkedin profile to tailor job preferences: