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Monica Para 🦝 - I recently graduated with a degree in CS + Advertising at the University of Illinois and am currently a software engineer on a trading team. My past experiences lie in event marketing and teaching students computing fundamentals through Kode With Klossy and UIUC’s CS 124 course.

David An ✍🏻 - I recently graduated with a degree in Mathematics at the University of Illinois and also currently work as a software engineer as well! I have past experience in creating material directed towards undergraduate recruiting and early stage careers. I am passionate about online branding, creating communities around different ideas and digital storytelling.

Understanding How PM Aligns in Tech

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Recruiting Resources

📌 This was a great resource Monica taught me about on how to prep good stories for interviews. I’ve used this template since

Before an interview, I usually read past interview experiences on Glassdoor, Reddit, and Blind to get an understanding what to expect beforehand. Also, there’s some Youtubers that talk about their recruiting processes for [X] role at [X] company that I found valuable

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✨ These are some folks that curate content for recruiting, professional development, and PM opportunities that we found to be valuable to learn about. Feel free to leverage people in your network or mutual connections that are PMs as well

Follow campus recruiters and program managers in companies you’re interested in as they usually post when they’re hiring + good opportunity to reach out to those folks