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I recently returned back to my high school to talk about my experiences and some of my tips after 2 years in college


I was invited onto the Innovations @ Research Park Podcast to talk about my recent experiences working at the University of Illinois Research Park over the summer at Ameren. Listen to the podcast.


Over the summer, me and some other friends organized a Summer of Side Projects Initiative. Our goal was to teach all things tech to students. We were also invited to present at the Illinois CS Teaching Workshop in August. Watch our talk here.


I presented my research at the Actuarial Research Conference 2022. This was research throughout two semesters about building felxible big data processing systems for academic literature. I write a bit more in detail about my research here


I recieved the Most Outstanding Undergraduate Intern Award within Research Park. Research Park is a place on campus where companies have R&D offices as well as 800+ total undergraduate interns. Read the press release here.


Me and Monica Para released our first "Guide to Research Park" targeted to undergrads of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. This guide was also presented at CS100 Orientation for incoming freshman in the CS program. You can read the whole guide here.


I recently joined the Illinois Risk (iRisk) Lab where I will be conducting research into ML applications within the actuarial science industry. I will be working on large scale database systems for academic literature. The iRisk Lab website can be found here.


I recently graduated from Westmoreland County Community College with an Associates in Computer Science. Through the process, I became one of the youngest graduates in school history. You can read the whole press release published here.